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ScanVid Search Technologies

ScanVid is a novel mobile cloud service, which provides consumers with an easy way for accessing digital information about products in an integrated way that exploits all available digital channels.

ScanVid supports instant video and content search after scanning a barcodes.


With ScanVid you can also scan QrCodes. Works for recognition of URL, VCards, GoogleMaps and SMS

Voice Recognition

ScanVid voice to search helps you to search product related content just with one click..

Object recognition

ScanVid is working on machine learning object recogition solutions for retail products. Available from Q1-2019

Try out the ScanVid App

Download the ScanVid App from the App store and scan the barcodes below the products. Move your mouse cursor over the products to activate the barcode.

The ScanVid App works from any location with Internet access

ScanVid enables a consumer to access digital content about a product simply through scanning Barcodes, QrCodes or just simply by voice to search at any place.

!!!Coming soon our new machine learning  innovation!!!

Machine Learning Object Recognition Services coming soon


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ScanVid in Numbers

As the leading provider of digital retail marketing services in the DACH region, ScanVid provides local retailers the opportunity to reach up to 28.2 million shoppers every month at the moment it matters most: during the consumer buying decision process.

Search Technologies


Million Products in Cloud


Supported Brands


Mobile Devices supported

Backed by


ScanVid has received $50,000 in AWS promotional credits.


Microsoft BizSpark supported ScanVid with access to technology, community spaces, and sales opportunities.


“Startup with IBM” supports ScanVid to put business on the path to transformative growth.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud granted ScanVid with free credits to resources to accelerate startup including Cloud credits, mentorship, and community events.

Products recently scanned with ScanVid

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